Posted on Sep 06, 2017
Cecily Miller and Maria Sanchez were with us this morning telling us about Fresh Start Ministries and how this organization was started and a little bit about what they do.
In 2012 Cecily was ministering to women in jail.  One woman in particular, who Cecily had ministered to for quite a while, had made many Christ-like changes in her life.  A great transformation had happened in the womans life as a result of Cecily’s ministry.  Then one day the woman came to Cecily and said she was getting out soon.  When Cecily asked about where she was going when she got out, the woman said “Back to my husband”.  Now this had been an abusive, drug laden relationship that led to her incarceration because of a long chain of bad decisions she made in her life.  When the woman was asked why she was going back to him, she replied “Where am I supposed to go?  He puts a roof over my head and he feeds my babies.  Where am I supposed to go?”  Fearing the woman was going to go back to her same old lifestyle that led to her incarceration, and perhaps enter again someday, the idea of Fresh Start Ministries was born. 
In January of 2014 they had their first room.  It was a single room at a motor hotel.  By April of 2014 they had their first participant.  It wasn’t very long after that there were two in that room, and two more in a second room. 
In December of 2015 they got their first home – a home of their own.  Cecily moved 3 girls to this location and 1 more joined soon after. 
In this environment the participants can be mentored in a Christ-like way with Biblical principles, teaching them life skills and decision making skills that are needed to leave the old life behind and continue down a new path in life. 
For more information, or to make a donation to this ministry, please go to:
              Thank you Cecily and Maria for being with us this morning!