Posted on Sep 20, 2017
Linda Grace with United Blood Services was our guest speaker today.  She came to reinforce the need for people to not only give blood, but plasma also.
The mission of UBS is to make sure they have an adequate supply of blood and blood products on hand at all times. 
UBS is nationwide and services approximately 5 million patients with blood and blood products.  They are often called upon when natural disasters strike like the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida. 
Those people who have O negative blood are the most desired persons to donate because their blood is considered “universal” – that is, it can be used across other blood types when a persons blood type is not known due to an incapacitating injury.  The irony is O negative occurs in less than 6% of the population.  So if you have O negative blood – donate! 
When you donate blood, you can save up to 3 people because you blood can be separated out into platelets and plasma also.  Red blood cells have a 42 day shelf life, plasma can be frozen so it has a 1 year shelf life, and platelets have a 5 day shelf life. 
If you are in San Angelo and would like to donate blood, go by the UBS office at 2020 W. Beauregard Ave. or call 325-223-7500.
For other Texas locations, or to learn more about UBS, go to :
Thank you for being with us today Linda!