Posted on Mar 28, 2018
Each year our outgoing Club President makes their recommendations of charities they wish to donate money towards, while keeping the focus of their Rotary International in mind.  Charities chosen by Mike Selander, San Angelo Sunrise President 2017-18, were Doctors Without Borders, Shelterbox, Ezra Vision Ministries and Water For All International. 
A representative from Ezra Vision Ministries and from Water For All International were with us this morning to accept their check. 
Terry Waller is the Executive Director of Water For All International.  He and his wife, Kathy, have been missionaries for over 20 years.  While they live in Paint Rock, that also serves as the location Terry uses to provide training sessions to fellow missionaries so they can build water wells.  The areas of concentration at this time are Africa and South America.  To date, over 4,500 wells have been built around the world, in 27 countries. 
Rev. Ronnie Hawkins, Pastor of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church and leader of Ezra Vision Ministries (EVM).  This charity has been focusing on two areas: rebuilding in Haiti and helping those in flooded areas.  Rev. Hawkins reported he just returned from Haiti a couple of weeks ago from a medical mission trip.  EVM does at least 2 medical trips a year.  While this trip focused on de-worming the children, they will also take care of significant health issues that come up.  If you would like to help the children in Haiti you can sponsor a child for $45 per month.  For that money a child gets a good education, a hot meal every day in school, and access to medical care. 
For more information, or to donate to Water For All International, please go to:
For more information, or to donate to Ezra Vision Ministries, please go to:
Thank you, Gentlemen, for being with us this morning!