The Sunrise Rotary Club of San Angelo donates a book each week to San Jacinto Elementary School in San Angelo.  This is done in lieu of a speaker gift and is signed by the speaker each week after their presentation.  The Librarian at San Jacinto is Loy Watson and was our speaker this morning.
Loy coordinates with club member Charla Edwards as to which type of books she would like our Club to donate, so as to serve the children of her school the best way possible.  
Loy’s passion is reading and loves to see the children’s faces light up when they read.  Loy has been with San Jacinto for 4 years and loves being a part of the children’s lives.  San Jacinto is a “Title 1” school, which means quite often reading is not a priority with the students.  But thanks to Loy’s efforts and the donations of the Sunrise Rotary Club of San Angelo we can see the children’s lives enriched with each donated book they read. 
Loy thanked our Club for its donations, and we thank Loy for her service to the children at San Jacinto Elementary.