Posted on Mar 07, 2018
Justin, Sabre, & Keith were the camp attendees this year from the San Angelo Sunrise Rotary Club.  While Sabre & Keith were first –time attendees, Justin returned this year to be a team leader. 
Justin went to RYLA last year as a first time attendee, but returned this year to be a team leader.  He said being a camper was a lot more fun because “I didn’t have to do any planning.”  He led the running exercise, which was a bit of a challenge from the students who came from 6A schools.  He said “Helping kids get out of their comfort zones and teaching them how to be a leader was pretty fun”. 
Sabre was met with surprise when she pulled up to the camp for the first time.  She really enjoyed getting to know other people.  Her favorite part was getting together and playing all the games with other groups.  While the games got competitive, she said it was pretty fun. 
Keith was pretty apprehensive about attending RYLA at first, but after talking to another friend who had attended in the past he decided to go.  He wasn’t expecting much and was a little closed off.  But it wasn’t too long before he was out of his comfort zone and working with others learning leadership skills. 
All three said the RYLA training helped with their leadership skills and was sure this training is something they will use in the future.