Posted on Mar 21, 2018
Our guest speakers this morning are Jason Mendiola and Lorraine Haricombe, Vice Provost and Director of University of Texas Libraries.     They spoke about the UT Library system and how it is meeting the needs of students and faculty in the 21st century. 
 Ms. Haricombe has Doctorial and Masters Degrees from University of Illinois-Champagne ,a teachers certification from the University of South Africa, an Honors Graduate Degree in Library Information Science from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, and a Bachelors degree in in Library Information Science, Psychology and Sociology from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa .
“The big question everyone asks is ‘Is Google replacing Libraries?’ and the answer is ‘Not yet!’“ said Ms. Haricombe.  There is a demand these days to access information digitally, and the UT Libraries are stepping up to meet that demand. 
There are 51,000 students and thousands more faculty at the University of Texas,  and the Library system supports them all.  On an annual basis more that 2 million visits happens in the UT Library.  There are more than 9 million visits of the online Library each year.  There are 12 libraries on campus to support the students needs.
There is a large collaborative concentration in the Library system so students can gather together to study.  Group study is very popular and a great way for the students to learn.
There are Librarians to help the students with their research papers.  There is a speaker system where students can learn how to do presentations and speeches.  Tutoring is another popular feature of the UT Library. 
One of the feature collections at the UT Libraries is the Benson Latin American collection is the largest in the Library of Congress.  It is a very important collection and is almost 100 years old.  This collection at the UT Library is the most in-depth collection in the country. 
Thank you both for being with us this morning!
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