Posted on Oct 18, 2017
Daniel Valenzuela was our guest speaker this morning.  He is the City Manager here in San Angelo and has been serving in this position since 2012.  Before coming to San Angelo he served 4 years in Eagle Pass and 4 years in Fort Stockton. 
Mr. Valenzuela told us about  a special recognition San Angelo received at the beginning of this year by the American Planning Association as San Angelo’s River Walk  was named one of the Great Places in Texas, and also one of the Great Places in America.  The River Walk was paid for by taxpayers through the half-cent sales tax.
He also shared with our club 5 strategic priorities the City Council has set for San Angelo.
  • Water needs
  • Street repair
  • Competitive salaries for City employees
  • Improved development services
  • New police station
He also shared how the City has gone through a huge sales tax revenue decrease as oil & gas revenues have dropped.  Last year the City of San Angelo had to reduce over $800k off it’s budget, and the year before that reduce $1.2 million.  But at the same time the City has been able to build up its fund balance over the past 5 years to a healthy position.
Thank you Mr. Valenzuela for being with us this morning!