Posted on Feb 21, 2018
Russell Pehl with Helping Hands (HH) was our guest speaker this morning.  Helping Hands is a program of Galilee Community Development Center which was formerly known as Christmas in April.
Primarily target homeowners that are 65 and older that doesn’t have the money or physical means to maintain their home. 
The homeowner applies for assistance and a representative from Helping Hands will go do an evaluation on their home and develop a wish list of things they would like done on their house.
One weekend a year HH will do a “Blitz Day” where all the teams that have volunteered to help will go out and make repairs to the homes.  The “Blitz Day” is usually the first Saturday in April, but since Easter falls on the first weekend this year it has been moved to the second weekend in April.
There is a lot of preparation done before we get to “Blitz Day”.  An initial assessment is done on the house to prioritize “wish list” of the homeowner, then it is matched with a team that has the skill set to make those repairs happen. 
Helping Hands also teams with City Lumber who provides storage and building material at a discount. 
For more information see the online brochure:
Their website is