Posted on Jul 18, 2018
Jan Lentz has developed a specialty for treating combat PTSD by turning her love of pottery making into a therapeutic tool for veterans. 
Jan heard about a poppy project in London where two professional potters made 888,000 poppies and put them around the Tower of London to represent every person from the United Kingdom and the Colonies who died in World War 1.
The reason the poppy is so special is after World War 1, Flanders Fields in Belgium had been totally decimated.  Because the soil had been upturned so much, in the spring after the war poppies came up in abundance in Flanders Field.
Jan has worked with skilled veterans to come up a mold to quickly make clay poppies.  She and her therapy groups make poppies every other week. 
She invited each one of us to make a poppy of clay this morning.  Here are the results.
Thank you for being with us this morning!